World Never End

Action adventure RPG.

Concept art

The majority of role playing and real time strategy games are strong on core values, but are lacking on the immersion side of the game play.

We intend to change that by focusing on the core elements that make these genres great to play. World Never End will focus on the immersive experience with adaptive stories, environments, and characters.

The stories and quests will have multiple solutions, allowing the player to make moral and strategic decisions about how they want to proceed.

The computer controlled characters and the environment will react and adapt to the players choices.


Platforms Supported

World Never End will be available on all of the current major games platforms.

This will include PC, Linux, Xbox, Mac, Wii and PlayStation.
While we are in development we will continue to evaluate new hardware, so this list might grow in the coming months.

More information about World Never End can be found here.


Whats on the horizion

Steam, Kickstarter and funding

We are making a core game experience for people like you who love to play single player RPGs. Three factions, three different environments, three different sets of goals, tasks, quests that can be solved in multiple ways, stories and side missions to explore and play.

So, if you like what you have seen so far. Please consider supporting us in the coming months. If you sign up to our blog or newsletter we can let you know when we launch our Kickstarter campaign.

News and Updates

We are very early in the project, and we are all very excited about our progress. We really want to show you what we've been up to, but we are only going to share the best stuff. So stay tuned for updates.


Our very talented team of artists are working hard to bring our dreams to reality. We will be posting their work here regularly.

Game Play

Our dev team have also been hammering away on the game. Unfortunately we won't be sharing that with you for a little while. However we will be posting a developer diary on our blog, so you can keep up to date on our progress.


In the mood for some new tunes. We will be adding some of game scores to Soundcloud in the very near future.

Natech Concept Art

World Nerver End Concept designs for the Natech Buildings



The prisoner sat alone in his cell. Rust was already forming along his iron joints. He had been jailed for several days. Even though he was made of metal, he was still humanoid, so cells worked just as well on him as they did on anyone else. He had searched for a way out...

Singular Concept Art

Singular Buildings Concept Art

Media Section

Check out our media pages for the latest concept art, stories and music.

Human Character Concept Art

Press Release

New indie studio in Switzerland.

Gorduno, Switzerland: 16th October 2015: HeartQuake studios, a new independent games studio, today announced its formation. Former Roark Media, Crytivo Games, Crytek, EA and Ronimo Games employees have come together to set up a new independent games development studio.

Singular character art

Check out our media pages for the latest concept art, stories and music.

Singular Character Concept Art

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